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Vegetables and Herbs


In the Vegetable department at Russell’s, we widen our selection each year to accommodate for the ever changing interest in local and sustainable food production. We offer certified organics, heirlooms, and convention varieties.

Seasonal Info

Many of our customers report that they have trouble growing lettuce during the summer. Growing lettuce varieties that are best for heat tolerance is the key to success. You might be interested in the following link to Johnny's Seeds for more detailed information on the varieties and timing for growing lettuces:
Johnny's Seeds

As a reminder, we will have cool weather starter plants available in August.

Our Fall crop of vegetables (2019) will begin to be available mid-August. For detailed information, please feel free to call us at 508-358-2283 ext. 401. Click below for a list of what we are expecting for Fall 2019:
Fall Vegetables 2019

Want to plant and harvest your own garlic? We will have garlic bulbs for planting available in mid-September. This is a very easy crop to plant and the taste of home-grown over supermarket garlic is significant. There are many "how-to" videos available on YouTube (we explored), and we recommend this one from Burpee as a good introduction for planting garlic:

Selections of fresh herb plants are available year-round at Russell's, but the widest variety of herbs are available in the spring and summer months. For information about specific herbs, please contact our Annuals Staff at 508-358-2283 ext. 401. We offer this post Using Fresh Herbs with some ideas gathered by our staff about using the fresh herbs that you find at Russell's and grow on your own.

While we do grow many varieties of vegetables on our premises, we also purchase vegetable plants from various local vendors. A wonderful supplier we have done business with for years who provide us with many of our interesting heirlooms come from Tom Ashley of Dancing Bear Farm in Leyden, Ma.

Some of our items are sown and grown on site from seed, including all of our certified organic crops. We obtain our seed from organic suppliers, several of which are local, including Johnny’s, Fedco and Tomatofest, High Mowing, Seed Savers Exchange, Seeds of Change, and the very unique seed company Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds for many unique and rare species.