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  • Dianthus and Heuchera
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  • Rudbeckia
  • Nasturtium

Outdoor Plants

Seasonal Info

Temperatures in our area during early spring are notoriously fickle. As a gardener, you should keep in mind that you are always taking a chance when you move plants outdoors in early spring. If you want to move plants outdoors safely, please pay attention to weather reports for frost and freeze warnings. Some plants are hardier than others, known as cold tolerance, but that isn't the only factor. Important conditions include where your home is located geographically and how well the new plants have been hardened off. As a concerned grower, Russell's follows these general guidelines for hardening off plants, that we grow in the greenhouse, from UMass Amherst

When you have questions, don't hesitate to ask our knowledgeable staff for suggestions of the best cool tolerant plants for your landscape plus advice for providing protective coverage during cold snaps.


Come see our amazing selection of annual plants available in both pots and packs. We carry a wide range of sun loving annuals from Alyssum to Marigolds to Zinnias. If you have a shady garden, select from a multitude of colors of New Guinea Impatiens in shade annuals, or explore our other shade tolerant options. For the adventurous gardener, we also carry many Specialty Annuals, offering an electic variety of unique and hard to find plants. Whether you are looking for advice about what will work best in your garden or simply seeking a specific plant, our knowledgeable staff will be happy to assist you!
Gerber Daisy

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Russell’s Perennial yard is one of the largest in New England. We offer a vast selection including your traditional garden favorites, from ground Phlox and Bleeding Hearts to Black-Eyed Susans and Hollyhocks, less common perennials, plus an offering of the latest and greatest perennial varieties to hit the market. Whether you have sun, shade, or anything in between, our helpful and knowledgeable staff can assist you in finding the perfect perennial plants to bring color and texture to your yard, returning year after year.
Assorted Perennials Assorted Perennials

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Trees and Shrubs

Here in the tree and shrub departments at Russell’s, you will find everything you need for your landscape. Of course, we will have the “nuts and bolts” shrubs, like Forsythia, Lilac and Arborvitae, but what really gets us excited are all of the specialty items we carry. Unique Japanese Maples, many varieties of unusual cypress, new and improved Hydrangeas for color all summer long, and so much more! Bad back or no time to plant? Be sure to inquire about or third party planting service, Merrifield Garden Designs does a great job! It is important for us to find you the right plant to suit your needs, please call or come in for expert advice today!
Assorted Trees and Shrubs Assorted Trees and Shrubs

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A vast selection of unique and common vegetables make up this department. This selection of edibles range from your most traditional style tomato to a beautiful, climbing edible-ornamental spinach supporting everyone's diverse taste and interests. Our vegetable team is always ready to assist you and continue to provide you with products and information to support your growing needs, from the tried and true to the newest!
Tomato Cold Weather Vegetables

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