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Seasonal Info

The Spring lawn season is running about 2 weeks ahead this year (2016) - awesome! What this means is that the soil temperatures are warming faster and lawns will be greening up earlier. It also means that crabgrass will start growing along with the lawn. Before forsythia begins to bloom is the ideal time to apply corn gluten to prevent crabgrass. Once the forsythia is in bloom and until the blooms drop, that's the time to apply synthetic crabgrass controls.

Speaking of crabgrass and other weed controls, just a reminder that under Massachusetts Law, phosphorus-containing fertizlizer may only be applied to your lawn or non-agricultural turf when either (1) a soil test indicates that additional phosphorus is needed for the lawn or (2) the lawn is newly established and this is the first growing season

For details on the use of zero-phosphorus lawn fertilizer, click on the link. Russell's staff are also available for questions and they can help you select the appropriate fertilizer and weed controls for your lawn.


Russell's has a broad range of slow release organic fertilizers. We are pleased to offer brands including Espoma, Concern, and Jonathan Green Organic. You can learn more about organic ferilizers on our organic soil amendments explanation page. We also carry a full array of conventional fertilizers. Russell's carries quality grass seed from Jonathan Green, and North Country Organics. Ask our lawn experts what seed blend is right for you

Insect and Pest Control

Bring your plant and animals concerns to Russell's Garden Center, and our knowledgeable staff will help fit a product to your needs. We carry a number of animal and insect repellents, as well as organic and chemical insect, fungus, and disease controls. If you'd like to learn more about chemical remedies, Bonide has a very informative site, with tools to help you diagnose your own insect and disease problems, as well as nutrient deficiencies.

Lawn Care

A variety of lawn fertilizers, organic and inorganic, are offered to suit every need. Brands include:

  1. Jonathan Green
  2. Scotts
  3. Milorganite
  4. Concern
  5. Ringer
  6. Greenview
  7. North Country Organics
  8. Turf Trust
  9. Purely Organic

Garden Supplies

We strive to make gardening easy and fun, and carry a number of products to help accomplish that goal. Hand creams, insect repellents, and poison ivy remedies all make working outdoors more comfortable. Achla Iron Garden Edging Wooden and iron garden edging, whimsical garden sculptures, attractive hose guides, composters, and brass thermometers.

Russell's Garden Shop carries gardening tools from the rugged to the refined, ideal as gifts for yourself or your favorite gardener. We have pruners by Felco, Corona, and WolfGarten. It pays to have the most efficient watering equipment, for all times of the year. We are proud to feature Raindrip drip irrigation systems, as well as watering supplies and timers by Claber, Ray Padula, Andrews, Dramm, Nelson, and Melnor & Gilmore. We also carry Rapid Reel Hose Reels